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Urban Asanas

Our Story

Located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn Urban Asanas is holistic wellness for the community. The first of its kind in the neighborhood; we offer the benefits of yoga—health, light, spirituality—while maintaining the strength and diversity of the people we serve. Our focus is on movement through music, collaboration, and heart. We keep yoga fun and accessible to all. Check out our diverse class offerings, workshops and events.


Yoga Studio




Urban Asanas welcomes yoga practitioners of all levels and from all socio-economic backgrounds. We offer free mat rentals and community classes and workshops, as well as student and senior discounts. Breath & Beats is an event series that includes a live DJs spinning to the flow of a Vinyasa style class. We keep yoga fun and accessible to all. Check out our diverse class offerings, workshops and events.


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Wellness Studio




Urban Asanas Wellness Studio offers a wide variety of offerings including acupuncture, massage, reiki with Jyll or Porcia, tarot readings, infrared sauna complete with amenities, CBD products from BreadxButta, and a host of workshops.


Studio Amenities

Walk through the red door and up the stairs to a calming oasis for the mind and body. The yoga studio is outfitted with custom bamboo floors and stocked with all the props you will need for class—mats, blocks, straps, blankets (all offered free of charge). Two bathrooms are available, outfitted with moroccan lamps and hand painted tile.

Our Wellness Studio is next door to the yoga studio. Amenities include an infrared sauna, shower, a community space and acupuncture/massage services.



  • Bamboo floors

  • Props: blankets, yoga mats, blocks, straps and foam rollers (free of charge)

  • Towels

  • Water cooler & cups

  • Southern and eastern facing windows drenching the studio in natural light from morning to night

  • Massage and Acupuncture

  • Community meeting space

  • Shower

  • Infrared sauna

  • Two restrooms


Meet Our Team



As the creator of Urban Asanas, Jyll seeks to diversify the yoga community with classes that cater to every ethnicity, gender, and budget. She bows down to her greatest teachers of all: her children Sierra, Cypress, and Indigo for all their inspiration and love. In line with her dedication to sharing the many benefits of yoga, Jyll has taught students of both public and independent New York City schools. Additionally, Jyll has taught at the YWCA, numerous sports clubs, and select private students. Jyll is a certified Thai Yoga practitioner and a doula.




Aasia completed her teacher training at Kula Yoga Project, working closely with Nikki Vilella, Magi Pierce, and Nikki Costello. She began practicing yoga in 2011 in a spinning/yoga studio in Toronto, Canada. Baddhanguliyasana side bend while cycling frantically to Lady Gaga? She knew yoga had to be deeper than that.

She moved to NYC in 2012 to pursue a Master’s in Communicative Sciences and Disorders at NYU, completing her degree in 2015. Throughout her studies, she spent several hours per week deepening and enriching her yoga practice in the Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar lineages, attempting to find spiritual sustenance and increased focus and discipline in an unfamiliar, transient, and fast-paced vibrant city like NY. Soon thereafter, yoga transformed not only Aasia’s awareness of her own Self, but also illuminated a path to staying present and developing gratitude.

She infuses spiritual teachings and lessons on self-building and refinement throughout her classes, creating mindfully-creative sequencing of a purifying nature. Expect an explorative, challenging, and playful practice that will reinvigorate and cleanse the body, mind, and soul.



Adam came to yoga asana in 2013. After a thoroughly sedentary childhood, Adam was studying theatre and dance arts when they noticed that the most inspiring artists they encountered each had their own sort of yogic practice. Intrigued, they gave it a shot, and discovered the secret sauce. Since then, the embodied path of self-inquiry and daily meditation has been Adam’s teacher, companion, and cheerleader, carrying them with grace through life and loss.

Adam avoided teaching for years, deeply concerned about appropriation and commodification in the wellness industry. But that itch to share the gifts of yoga persisted, and when they finally gave in, they were inspired by Jyll to complete their teacher training at Kula Yoga Project, where they were overjoyed to find a loving community of discerning and politically cognizant yogis. Endless gratitude to Kula, and to Jyll and Urban Asanas, where the practice is decolonized one class at a time.

In class, Adam uses precise sequencing and open-ended inquiry to create a safe, exploratory, nourishing environment. They strive to balance nerdy anatomical rigor with a radical sense of play. Meow!




Alison has been practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation since she was twelve years old, and began her teacher certification journey at age sixteen. Originally from Los Angeles, she is delighted to share the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with the Crown Heights community where she now lives. Alison spends her days working with a local nonprofit to recruit volunteers of all ages to support food and housing justice initiatives throughout the city. She is passionate about the intersection between healing and larger movements for social justice, aiming to stay true to the spiritual and holistic core of yoga while working to embody the world she envisions.




April has studied yoga and mindfulness with a focus on addiction recovery and supporting under-served schools for the past five years. In 2010 she was certified in her 200 HR teacher Dharma Yoga certificationand has since brought yoga into under-performing schools as a means of social justice and peace. She is also certified in Yoga for 12 Step Recovery, a program that connects the spiritual principles of yoga with addiction recovery, cultivating a mind body connection.

She teaches yoga and meditation in addiction centers in low-income areas throughout New York City and believes in the healing powers of yoga to resolve past trauma that could have led to addiction. She recently received her leadership training with Off the Mat and Into the World, a program that connects yoga with social justice initiatives. She is extremely thankful to hold space for her students to reconnect with their body and inner teachers through the yoga practice.

Living in Crown Heights, she loves how Urban Asanas is for the community and with the community. She is a a certified Laughter Yoga teacher and believes in bringing playfulness to yoga to cultivate inner joy.




Corey started his practice by chance a friend invited him over on New years eve 1999 midnight yoga experience . Though he wasn't completely hooked in the moment, he knew intuitively that yoga would be an evolving part of his life. Soon after he started he discovered Birkam, soon becoming devote practitioner practicing 4-5 days a week

In 2005 his teacher Anita Rudermann at Yoga People suggested that he gets certified . In that same year he received his 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification. From there he went to teach at Yoga People until they closed their Fulton location . He started subbing at Shamabhala Yoga & Dance center in 2006- then in 2007 started teaching regularly until 2012. During that time, he also did some teaching with at risk youth, as well as some intensive Anna Forrest workshops . He spent time teaching fifth and sixth graders in Brooklyn

Corey joined Urban Asanas when doors open to the public in 2015 where he taught and practiced at the same teaching Yoga in public school system . He has continued to find the student in himself through those he teaches.




Derrick is a part-time yogi and a full-time artist as well as a therapeutic sound practitioner with a daily meditation practice

The roots of Derrick’s personal practice are in Kundalini Yoga but these days Derrick utilizes a wide range of meditation techniques and often mixes ancient and traditional techniques with creative and even experimental ones to create his own unique practice.




HanaKyle Moranz began practicing yoga in 2004 after a dance-related knee injury. Yoga quickly became became an essential component of her approach to cultivating mental and physical health and wellness. New York City is a fast-paced, crowded, and exciting place to live; in her classes, HanaKyle aims to create a space for respite, exploration, and self-care. She encourages breath-focused movement, with plenty of attention to safe and strong alignment. She is a certified Samarya Yoga teacher, Integrated Movement Therapist, NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, NASM Personal Trainer, and has formulated a line of aromatherapy products for seasonal wellbeing.




Holly received her 200 hour certificate at the Kula Yoga Project, working most closely with Nikki Vilella and Magi Pierce. She loves how yoga can empower us to more fully understand our minds, emotions, bodies, and connection with the world. Studying yoga alongside dance has allowed her to find greater depths within each study. She currently dances with Vashti Dance Theater, a West African and contemporary company, and runs her own company, Muliebris Dance Theatre, alongside Samantha Bergman. Holly studied Thai Yoga at Two Souls Massage with Al Turner II. She is excited and grateful to be part of this strong community.



Libby Nicholaou is the mastermind behind Setu yoga community, a project highlighting diversity and inclusivity in yoga. Libby uses moderately paced vinyasa classes paired with breathwork to ground people in their physical bodies. Her classes create space for each practitioner to listen to their body and move with compassion.



Lindsay's journey to yoga began when she wandered into an early morning class years ago. She quickly began to realize the sense of strength and peace her practice brought to her life. Driven by her desire to learn everything she could about yoga, she received her 200-hour certification at Jai Yoga Arts in 2015. Her classes are active yet meditative, with influences from her Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Iyengar practices. Lindsay believes yoga is a practice of self-acceptance and encourages students to have fun, let go and trust their instincts and bodies. She is grateful and humbled to be able to share the teachings of yoga with her students.



Porcia is a spiritual healer from Crown Heights, Brooklyn. With her Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Libra, Porcia found the balance of the dark and light side of life and spirituality at an early age. In October 2016, Porcia moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the arts. During her time there, she was introduced to different aspects of spirituality and religion. Her first being SGI, which is a Japanese Buddhist organization. Within that organization she learned the power of chanting, meditation, and manifestation which resonates with her today. Over time she started to look follow her own path and studied other religions and organizations and took a deep liking to the occult and its nature. Porcia began a daily practice of meditation, yoga, and tarot and began to understand the flow of life. She aims to heal the hood and eventually the world through meditative energy healing, spiritual guidance, and love.




Michelle Yard is a professional dancer in New York City and has been studying Pilates since 2006. It has been an important part of her life and a constant companion for many years. Michelle received her mat certification from Balanced Body in 2011. Michelle teaches a weekly Urban Pilates class as well as additional pilates workshops.



Michael's teaching practice is rooted in generating self-awareness. As a queer artist and educator, Michael facilitates community based art projects with schools and non profits. As a yoga teacher, he integrates creativity and intentionality into his asana sequences and cultivates community through movement.



Shala is originally from Miami, Fl. Four years ago she moved to NYC to become an actress. While searching for inspiration to fuel her art she found love, compassion, and the ability to trust her intuition through yoga. When she took her first yoga class she felt closer to God, which made her feel closer to herself. She had tough times when first moving to New York and yoga kept her grounded. Becoming closer with herself lead her to become a birth doula. Supporting people journey through childbirth is definitely a blessing for her. Shala encourages expecting parents to trust their bodies, and feel empowered. She recently completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training at Brooklyn Yoga Project. In her Vinyasa class, she guides with compassion, breath, and focuses on the Charkas. Yoga is more than the Asanas. Yoga is a community, an unconditional love for yourself, it's the light when you are surrounded by darkness, Yoga is love.




Tara is a Washington, DC-native, brought to Brooklyn by magic and good fortune. After her transcendental meditation studies began in 2006, Tara's passion for meditative movement and the arts became rooted in her professional pursuits. She brings a joy for life to each class, and now as part of the founding team that brought cold-pressed WTRMLN WTR to market, she aims to infuse the broader community with clean hydration alternatives and positive energy.




T'ai Jamar Hanna, LMT has been a yoga practitioner since 1996 and a professional in healing arts since 2006. Having been a collegiate athlete and coach; a companion in the end of life process; a health/wellness advocate and a small business project manager, her passion is to facilitate lifestyle design, mindful movement, and conscious breath.

She is a senior teacher with Reflections Center for Conscious Living and the founder of Integral Healing Arts. She studied Massage Therapy at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, graduated in 2012. She holds a Masters in NonProfit Management from Milano, The New School University, 2010.

She offers international and domestic workshops, trainings, and classes in yoga therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, and dynamic movement. Whether on a table, on the mat, in classroom, or within her personal relationships, T’ai believes in the power of loving kindness.



Zoe is an improvisation-based dance artist currently living in Crown Heights. She’s from Half Moon Bay, a tiny, coastal farm town in Northern California nestled about Santa Cruz, just shy of San Francisco. She spent time studying Printmaking and Community Studies at UCSC, where her interest in process allowed her to discover new relationships to her body and movement. She found yoga right after high school and began seriously practicing upon moving to New York City. Her practice gave her a new way to develop balance and integrity in her body, providing a counterpoint to her years studying classical ballet. Her interests lie at the intersections of composition. relationship and the body. She is particularly drawn to physiology, somatics, the nervous system, language, metaphor and space. She prefers to communicate through the spoken language of the body, and organizes her spiritual and physical practice around ideas of fluency. 

Zoe is a recent graduate of the Kula 200 YTT where she studied with Nikki Costello, Nikki Vilella, Lauren Haythe, Magi Pierce, and Jillian Turecki. Park Slope Yoga was her first yoga home, and as she expanded her practice, was strongly encouraged to take class at Urban Asana and witness the force that is Jyll’s packed house on a Sunday morning. She is incredibly inspired by the space Jyll cultivates and holds for the neighborhood, and is excited to join the community of humans at UA.




DJ emjaynyc, a Trinidadian born Brooklyn raised music-aholic, has been making people dance for a long, long time. Inspired by his parents' musical influences he developed a passion for making a party break into a sweat. An early start as a mobile dj he attained the experience that launched his career from club lounges to dance floors, and made "music, no gimmicks" what he represents.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for classes in advance?

Nope! Our classes welcome drop-ins, so there is no pre-registration required. Arriving 5-10 minutes before class is advised to give you time to chat, sign in, and settle before class begins. *Please note that most of our workshops and special events do require pre-registration.

Do I need to bring my own mat?

We always encourage students to invest in their own mat if they play to cultivate a practice; however, if you do not have a mat, we have (very clean!) Manduka mats for your use. Additionally we provide any props necessary to assist you in your practice: bolsters, sandbags, blocks, and straps.

Does Urban Asanas offer private yoga classes?

Yes, Urban Asanas is able to offer private sessions at the studio and our teachers may also travel for private events, parties and office workshops. If you are interested in a private session with Urban Asanas, please contact for more information about rates and availability.