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Urban Asana is now providing healing one-on-one sessions to nourish the Mind, Body and Spirit. The healing modalities include ancient practices of spiritual healing and urban mysticism. All of our healing sessions can be customized from 60-minute to one day treatments, by one of our licensed practitioners. Sessions are typically 60 minutes. All of our healing sessions can be customized and combined into 90 minute, 120 minute, half day, or full day treatments.  

Program Director, Gurubee (Ruben Mahboobi, MB, RYT) is a certified Mind-Body Specialist, with an emphasis on Energetic Medicine and Meta-physics. Gurubee began his study at the Boddhidharma Institute in Pushkar, India under Master Roshi Verma, and received his 500-hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) at the Himalayan Institute in Pennsylvania. He has been teaching healing workshops around the world for nearly two decades. Gurubee is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapy, and the American Holistic Medical Association.





Ayurveda Counseling from the Sanskrit word “Science of Life”, is a holistic approach to wellness and healing. A typical treatment plan includes the specialized instruction of herbal remedies, diet, detoxification, essential oils, yoga, meditation, and pranayama breathing. After completing a consultation, you will discover your own personal constitution which takes into account your body and mind’s idiosyncrasies. You will unearth the power of using an Ayurvedic mix of ingredients to achieving your health goals and restoring balance.

Hypnosis is a form of communication that taps into the “unconscious” mind, by reducing peripheral noise. Through a guided series of meditation and suggestion, it will relieve electromagnetic blockages of the emotional mind.

Vedic Astrology is one of the oldest branches, dating back to over 5,000 years ago. It is often referred to as Jyotish (the ‘light of the heavenly bodies), and focuses on the psychological depths and the nature of the individual. You will be counseled on your karmic tendencies emanating from the celestial bodies, which in Sanskrit is called “dashas”.

Spiritual Counseling is a holistic method of creating synthesis (connections) between the mind, body, and spirit and the physical world. By thoroughly examining your thoughts and going deeper, you will expand the dimensions of your inner-mind, and subtly release energetic thought patterns directly influencing your state of being. Issues of chronic depression, creativity, loss, sadness, confusion, and ailments are all trapped in energy fields unlocked by exploration and guidance, and accompanied by the ancient teachings of wisdom and metaphysics.

Dream Analysis uses Vedic Astrology, Spiritual Patterning and Present Thought Patterns to interpret dreams and has been apart of our history since the Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptians through modern psychology. Giving insight to our unconscious mind, you will be guided through analysis of displaced thoughts, decode symbols, patterns and visual images occurring in your dream state.


Accupressure uses Chinese meridians to apply pressure to specific points of the body impeding vital flow; focusing on aches and pains, as well as the organ and gland system.

Bamboo Massage is the rolling of hollow bamboo canes over the muscle, offering a deep kneading massage and lengthening of the microfibers. It releases stored tension and pressure in the joints and spine.

Deep Tissue/Shiatsu/Swedish offers an integrative healing massage session based on your body’s needs. Using deep pressure and relaxation techniques to increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation, reduce chronic aches and pains, and lower inflammation, all with the intention of directing chi along the meridians.

Reflexology the feet and the hand are the energetic blueprints of the body. By applying acupressure to reflexive points you will activate healing of the corresponding organs and the hormone system.

Sound Healing is an ancient technique that regulates the sympathetic nervous system using tuning forks, bells and Tibetan singing bowls. The vibrational rhythm synchronizes an “OM” frequency, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, adding relaxation and moving the body and mind into healing.

Thai Yoga Massage guides you through yogic postures, stretching and deep pressure releases of tension, increasing circulation, improving flexibility, and flow.

Tok Sen, or Tapping Massage is an ancient healing practice kept sacred in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Using a specially designed wooden hammer to rhythmically tap accupunctural points, it creates a deep healing vibration through the muscle and fascial planes of the body. It increases circulation, subdues physical aches and pains, and releases energy blockages of the nervous system.


Reiki is a Japanese healing art of the “laying-on-hands” technique, literally meaning “Universal life energy”. It clears energetic blockages and restores the vitality of your life force.

Energetic Qi Gong is a conscious awareness of moving chi (energy) through your body with breath, movement and stillness, offering internal healing and raising your level of vibration.

Meditation is exploring your inner world and gaining the experience of observing your mind. You will be guided through a meditation journey using various ancient techniques.

Yoga Nidra the “Yogi’s sleep” is the deepest possible state of relaxation and stillness, while maintaining full consciousness. It relieves symptoms of anxiety, depression and tension, and gives a glimpse to an enlightened state of awareness.


Pricing: $85 per session • Packages: 6 sessions for $450 & 10 sessions for $695

Call or email to schedule a session:   347-305-3558   urbanasanas@gmail.com