Coming Back To The Mat After A Summer Of Transitions

Students practicing for the first time at the new studio, July 2017

Students practicing for the first time at the new studio, July 2017

Well here we are again… seems like Summer is on its way out the door, and Fall is knocking, preparing to make her grand entrance. I am such a Summer chick, it’s bittersweet. The summer went so fast, but this particular summer was life changing for me. I had the opportunity to go to India. Talk about a transformative experience.

I went wide open, and with no expectations. Well…I got more than I could have wished for. It’s funny - I was prepped for all this negative shit: classism, racism, and sexism (a lot like our current status in America). Don't believe everything someone tells you. Your journey can be different. After a 24 hour flight, I arrived. I was greeted like I was a star. Ha, “Peaches is NOT Beyonce”!!! Such a sweet innocence. The cows in the streets, the homelessness, the smells, and just having my ass there was something else. Oh, and the mosquitos!

I did not see one African American the whole trip, which was a bit odd. At times I felt like a freak, but that was squashed quickly after I spoke in detail with an Indian person I met. He explained that people there had never seen anyone who looked like me. It was more like a curiosity thing and this was something so endearing about the Indian people I crossed paths with. They stared, and I met each stare with a smile.


Then the magic occurred. When you take away all the exterior bullshit, we are ALL human. We don't have to speak the same language, but the eyes and heart don't lie. It rained every damn day…YES, YES, YES!!! I got sick. I had never felt that discomfort before. It took me down, and humbled me for sure. I studied Iyengar with one of the most amazing women. Gulnaz had my body doing things that it hasn't done since my lyme diagnosis.  That broke me open, but the icing on the cake (one of many beautiful moments along this journey)… the SHRINES!!!!

Man, oh man! It’s hard to put this into words. I sat in a temple, and felt all of these hands on my body. I went hot, I went cold. I literally couldn't breathe (thanks Nikki Costello for holding my hand). Spirit was on me, even as I type this I feel them and my eyes are tearing. When you can go into a space and just let whatever needs to happen, happen…PROFOUND! Throughout it all, I knew I was on my path. I know, unequivocally, that I’m right where I need to be.

With that being said, we are in a new space at 843 Sterling Place, second floor. We are working on the new Fall Schedule which will begin Oct.1, but before that we will have a Sound Bath on September 9th at 9pm. Can’t wait to lift the vibrations in the studio. This week we will have our doors open to receive donations for the Harvey survivors in Houston.

I have to say, every morning I thank Spirit for allowing me another moment to be here. Material things are just that…THINGS!!! I have a great family and I’m relatively healthy. I’m blessed to be able to do exactly what I LOVE to do. I don't take that lightly or for granted. Be grateful, and count your blessings, because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone.

Always and in love,

Jyll Hubbard-SalkComment