Taking a Moment for Fall

Let’s all take a moment and PAUSE!!! Ok, now breathe... so here we are.


Fall has slid her little self into our lives and we are in the mist of THE election of our life time. It is so heavy out there in the streets. What do we do? We have to take care of ourselves. 

Now is the time slow down, and evaluate where you are.  What do you need to sow now to reap the benefits later? What do you need to release? What do you need to invite? Create a space where you can sit and figure your shit out. 

The colder temperatures slow us down and it’s almost the holidays. It's just so much... sometimes too much! We have to really get down to the nitty gritty. Now is not the time to sit in the pews and watch. Get yourself out there. 

Move your body a bit. (Just move mindfully, because it is cooler) Throw on an extra pair of socks or a wrap. Get warm, take yourself to lunch/dinner. Take yourself to a movie. When I’m home alone, I like to throw on some music and dance like no one is watching. Honestly, I don’t care if they watch...

This all makes it the perfect time to get out there and make sure you VOTE! Make sure you tell your family and friends as well...

Always and in love,