Happy Black History Month!

Happy Black History Month!!! In my opinion Black History is 365!!!

There is so much turmoil going on at the moment.
There is a sense of hopelessness, despair, anger...
You get it.

We are ALL are gagging that this person is destroying everything this country was built on. I'm amazed he got elected, but not surprised.  We can continue to point to the finger at who voted for him. At this point, who gives a damn. We have to come together, and figure out how to move through this thing. I have offered to use the studio to gather, and meet and talk. This begins with communication... A hello to a stranger is a great start.... say hello to your neighbor you pass everyday and don't acknowledge!!!!!! It will make a difference.

Speaking of HELLO!!! I would like to extend a shoutoutand thanks to all you newbies coming through the doors of the studio. There has been some amazing folks that graced us with their presence. A huge amount of gratitude to those OG'swho have been here since like.... Forever:)  The new studio is flowing along at a lovely pace, and with that being said, if you don't know!...Urban Asanas is moving to a bigger space within the block of the current studio. So now you know.

Again I'm birthing a baby. I still feel the same anxiety as if it was the first time. It still blows my mind how many beautiful people come through. The openness, the realness, and the LOVE!!!!!  I could not do what I do, if it wasn't for you. I'm humbled, and honored.

I am a firm believer, this is not my space. This is OUR space. A space that is inviting, welcoming,  and embracing.  We come together to move through our baggage. We come together to breathe. We come together because we are taking care of ourselves. We have to dig deep into our soul. It will not feel good. *YOU HAVE TO GET UNCOMFORTABLE-TO GET COMFORTABLE** I think we all are more than just a bit uncomfortable lately.

Now...more than ever it's imperative to get active. Call your senator, volunteer, donate... Do something! NOW is the time to get real. Let's get on the mat, and get grimy with it.  We can't keep denying he is there...Now what are we going to do? What am I going to do... I will continue to hold space for all of us...

Abundant love,

T'ai Jamar HannaComment