We're Moving!

Well here we are again...

Sitting here at our local Cafe Rue Dix enjoying the beautiful sun and the warm temperature . Thinking how grateful I am. This life of mine is something special. When I open my eyes every morning I say “Thank You”!!! I am thankful that I’m living my life. I'm living my life on my own terms. I’m Ms.Captain of my ship. I’m at the point of my life that if it doesn’t make me feel good, then I don’t want to participate in it. I want to be around people that I can love, and who love me back unconditionally.

I love what I do!!! I love to bring people into a (safe) space, so they can move through their shit. We go through many things on a day to day basis. We need a space to laugh, cry, grow, and just BE!!! Urban Asanas is just that.  With that being said, it looks as if the new studio will open in a few weeks.

This expansion has tested all that I have. Blood, sweat, and hella tears!!! Initially I thought we were going to open April 1st. Its apparent THAT didn’t happen. I’m sharing this, because I had to completely surrender, and get humble. My vision was HUGE, but reality set in, and I needed to be a bit more practical. The studio didn’t need to be super extravagant. I’m not going to share all the shit that I was fantasying…the smoke has cleared, and my ego has been checked several times over. I can’t wait to open the doors so we can continue the lovefest!!! 

As we move into the May, I have a challenge for all of us. There seems to be some dark and heavy energy out there lurking about. I’m a believer that love trumps hate. So how about spreading LOVE all over that shit. When you look in the mirror, tell yourself “I love you!!!!!" THEN, call someone and tell them “I love you”!!!! Not someone like your parents or closest friends. I mean that cousin you haven’t spoken to in a minute. How about that old neighbor. I promise it’s really awesome!!! I dare you…hell, I double dare you.

We will have some specials happening when we open…..

Abundant love,